What is the best Internal hard drive

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Get a bigger hard drive for less money than you think

No matter how much we shop from the cloud, together with services such as Dropbox and OneDrive, we nevertheless need internal hard drives which provide capacity and speed of our operating system, programs and important files.

In addition, we need them to be reliable – there’s little worse than losing important work or irreplaceable photographs when a hard disk fails.

That’s why we’ve put together this listing of the finest internal hard drives for laptop and desktop PCs. We have tested these storage devices and place them through their paces to learn the best drives no matter what your needs are. We are constantly updating this manual as well, so ensure to return here regularly to learn what the best hard drives are.

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2TB is not a bad starting point unless you’re heavily into editing pictures, and with prices tumbling, you don’t have to pay much to enjoy outstanding performance and huge storage space. However, as they say, bytes fill a hard drive such as gasoline, a vacant space.

Therefore, in no particular order, here would be the finest internal hard disk drives as of March 2017 (just bear in mind that your mileage will always change when it comes to reliability so that was not taken into consideration when putting together that list.


If you care about is getting the most bang (or storage) for your dollar, then you can’t do better than the Toshiba P300, a hard disk drive that’s been designed to consume as little power as possible (only 6.4W at read/write mode).

This model steals the show by providing the cheapest per TB cost at only over#25.


This Toshiba drive includes a 7200RPM rotational speed (faster than the 5400RPM models usually seen within this price range), using a surprisingly big 64MB cache and is relatively silent when in use, at 25dBA. It is not the fastest drive around, but if you only want a cheap internal HDD, it is probably your best bet.

If you’re trying to find the best possible price for a large capacity hard drive, then the WD Blue 1TB hard drive is a great shout, at only #42.

It comes with 1TB of storage space, which is fairly impressive considering the price, 64MB buffer and is effective at 7200RPM speeds, so your data transfers will remain fast.

It is not the most efficient hard drive on the market, as it uses 6w when in use, however for the price you will want to make a few sacrifices.

If 1TB is not sufficient, this drive also comes from 2TB – 6TB versions as well.


A recent development in the inner hard drive market has been the segmentation according to usage with NAS (network attached storage) being targeted as a particularly promising section.

All the major HDD manufacturers (WD, Seagate and HGST) have introduced new NAS products. Toshiba is the only one with no dedicated NAS hard drive line.

As opposed to focusing on performance, these drives zero on reliability and the capacity to do in a 24/7 environment which explains the reason why they are usually bought in a lot rather than independently.

The large capacity means that you can set two or more of them in mirror RAID settings and have loads of storage space for your important files.

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